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Slide Project Liber 8 “Crazy Ants was really helpful, especially when I needed designs done. They are quick, efficient, and the selection of designers under their platform are quite impressive as well. I didn’t need to worry about dealing with tricky situations as well because Crazy Ants got that all covered for me!” Su Shern Slide “Went to one of Crazy Ants’s Co-Founder Matching events. Love the energy and the vibe of the crowd. People are happy to hear what you have to say. Very community-like. Would love to get more involved in Crazy Ants's event!”
Chen Neo
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Small business owners are similar to ants.


They work hard and carry responsibilities which are 10 times heavier than they could bear.


They might seem crazy, working days and nights towards a vision no one believes.


But they are the ones who set out to make a change instead of complaining and hoping the situation to change magically.


They are the ones who work hard all day long to make the world a better place.