About Us

Slide Crazy Ants is an online platform which connects small business owners to quality and affordable freelancers.
We believe that even the smallest businesses deserve quality freelance services.

“We do the heavy lifting,
to make hiring easy for you.”

It’s simple, safe, and affordable!

We understand that most small business owners hire freelancers based on these three criteria: quality work, reliability, and affordability.

At Crazy Ants, we screen, interview, and select freelancers which fulfilled these three criteria and have them to provide services in our platform.

It saves your time sourcing for freelancers online

Prevents you from dealing with inexperienced and unprofessional freelancers

Get your work done without breaking your pocket.

You’re not alone on this journey.

Small business owners are similar to ants. They work hard and carry responsibilities which are 10 times heavier than they can bear. They might seem crazy, working days and nights towards a vision no one believes. But they are the ones who set out to make a change instead of complaining and hoping the situation to change magically. They are the ones who work hard all day long to make the world a better place.