Earn with Crazy Ants

There are two ways which you can start earning with Crazy Ants -
be a Crazy Ants freelancer, or refer a friend or project to us!

Be a Crazy Ants freelancer

Are you a freelancer looking for your next job?

Join us as a Crazy Ants freelancer and you will be able to:

We’re on a constant look out for talented individuals to be part of our curated platform of freelancers.  If you think you fit our criteria, click here to sign up and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Join Our Referral Program

At Crazy Ants, we believe in spreading the word when it comes to something good!  You don’t have to be a freelancer to start earning with Crazy Ants – get rewarded through one of our referral programs below!

Refer a freelancer

Know a freelancer looking for a job?

Send them our way and get paid RM25 for every successful application.

Click here to submit your friend’s portfolio!

Refer a project / client

Know someone who is looking for a freelancer?

Refer a project or client to us and get rewarded for every completed project.

Our referral program is great for creative agencies, human resource managers, SME businesses, businesses whose target audience are SMEs, or anyone looking to earn some extra income.

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