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  1. First of all, let’s us give you a brief introduction to Crazy Ants. This is an online platform that gathers all Creative Professionals and provides quality creative services affordable for small business owners. This agreement is the “user terms” that apply to the actions of providing services and purchasing services on Crazy Ants Website.
  2. In this context, the “site” refers to While “we”, “us”or “Crazy Ants” are always referred to the owner of the website.
  3. A registered member who purchases a service is known as a “buyer”. While a registered member who provides services is known as a “Creative Provider” (additional terms apply for creative providers). When we refer to “you” in these user terms we refer to all users of the website including registered members, buyers, and Creative Providers.
  4. Our user terms apply to all users of the site regardless you're a registered member or not. The user terms are between you and Crazy Ants. Please read and understand our user terms carefully as you're obligated to make a legal commitment when you visit our site. However, in any case, if you don't accept or agree with them, you're requested to leave the site because any use, other than in agreement with these user terms, is unauthorized.

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